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Science4U is our lineup of on-demand education offerings, including outreach, field trips, virtual outreach, and Science2Go kits.

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Education Advisory Committee

Science Central is looking for enthusiastic educators to join our Education Advisory Committee (EAC). The EAC is an integral part of the education team at Science Central and assists our Education Department.

There are many benefits associated with becoming an EAC member. Besides the intangible benefit of knowing you are a crucial part of improving inquiry-based science education in northeast Indiana, there are tangible rewards, too. We offer an incentive program based on a point system. The more you volunteer, the more points you can accrue to trade for programs.

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Fund Your Learning

Several grants are available from generous entities that may cover the cost of your learning experience, either in full or in part.

Refer to the spreadsheet below. If you see a grant you believe you qualify for, specify that grant in the notes section of your request form.