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Science Central is canceling Science Fair Recogntion Day due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We will contact the sponsoring teachers by email.

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Science Fair Recognition


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Many great scientists get their start by participating in their school’s science fair. Whether science fair participants win or lose, it doesn’t matter – what really matters is that they’ve learned something and have cultivated a long-term interest in science!

Every spring, Science Central celebrates local science fair participants with our Science Fair Recognition Day. This year, the recognition will come digitally, rather than in person, due to COVID-19 considerations.


Maleena Felger mug

Maleena Felger

Project: “Sleep – Is More Really Necessary?”

Description: A study on how different sleep quantities impact brain functions.


Nova Gensic mug

Nova Gensic

Project: “Microwave vs. Stovetop”

Description: An examination on how heating water in a microwave versus a stovetop impacts the amount of nutrients and minerals in the water.


Brantley Hamilton

Brantley Hamilton

Project: "Bubble Gum Bubble"

Description: This project involved testing to see which bubble gum made the best bubble.


Owen Hoffman mug

Owen Hoffman

Project: "Do Dogs Have a Dominant Front Paw When Shaking?"

Description: Tested several dogs each 10 times to see which paw they extended when he had dog sit and then put his hand out to initiate a shake.


Will Hoffman mug

Will Hoffman

Project: "Do Dogs Have a Color Preference?"

Description: Tested several dogs each 10 times by putting treats by four different colored cups to observe and record which colored cup dogs went to for treats.


Bryar Kuehnert mug

Bryar Kuehnert

Project: “Take Flight!”

Description: Studied how paper airplane folds impact aerodynamics.


Johnston Manoj mug

Johnston Manoj

Project: “Does Food Affect Blood Pressure?”

Description: Recorded what his father ate every day for multiple weeks and recorded daily blood pressure. Researched to explain how his father’s diet affected high and low blood pressures.


Margo Martz

Margo Martz

Project: "Hydroponics"

Description: This project entailed determining if plants would thrive in soil or in a hydroponic garden.­


Emma Reed

Emma Reed

Project: "Grow Plants Grow"

Description: This project tested to see which type of soil grows the best plants.


Maddux Schache

Maddux Schache

Project: "The Great Cookie Dunk"

Description: This project involved dipping different cookies in milk to see which ones would float.