(Extended by popular demand!)

Join seven-year-old Max and his best pal Munch as they study the USDA’s simple plan for healthy eating,”MyPlate”.
This exhibit is a real healthy adventure that first brings our friends to a very cool grocery.  Next stop, a community garden where Max learns that even in an urban setting you can use large containers to grow vegetables in your backyard or on your balcony.  From there, they spy a pretty amazing house and go into its kitchen and pantry as well as its dining room that encourages family conversation.  For some exercise Max and Munch try their turn on the “Hot Plate” to see what they’ve learned on their journey so far – just one of the many hands-on activities visitors can experience in “To MyPlate and Beyond”.
And finally, a sit-down and drive-through restaurant are last stops on their amazingly healthy – and fun – adventure!

The exhibition was developed by Purdue Agriculture and the Departmant of Nutrition Science, and it’s run at Science Central is sponsored in part by Heritage Food Service Group,Inc.