A gallery of unique, educational banners, developed by two different institutions, highlights information about viruses and the Coronavirus Pandemic.

One set of banners explains what a virus is, how it spreads, and why it’s important for scientists in different countries to share information. When a novel viral outbreak occurs, the lack of information can be confusing and concerning. We often ask questions, such as “What’s different about this disease?” and “How can I protect myself?” Scientists have to work quickly to figure out the answers, but having some knowledge about viruses and vaccines can help to make the unknowns less daunting. The content also includes information about vaccines– what they are, how they work, and how they’re made.

The other set of images explores how NASA is helping with innovations to support a global response to the coronavirus and COVID-19. You can learn how NASA uses supercomputers to mimic the virus, why astronauts study vaccines in space and how NASA quarantines space station astronauts before and after missions. Gain a better understanding of how viruses work, how our bodies react to them, how viruses spread, and how to stay healthy.

The Science Behind the News: COVID-19 was created by the New York Hall of Science.
Mission: Control the Spread was created by NASA’s Space Center Houston.