Science Central Little Free Library


Science Central plans to install a ‘Little Free Library’ for community use outside the building. Our project is sponsored in-part by MHS Indiana. More information about this community-oriented, grassroots program can be found at - https://littlefreelibrary.org/. Science Central will own, stock and maintain a library.


Our library will be a permanent structure. We want our installation to have a “science or tech look and or action” (NASA-rocket, Calder-like kinetic motion, science fiction-lights, etc.), similar to the metal sculptures for the recent IPFW sculpture with purpose bike rack project. The library will not be locked, so users can access books. The library design and materials must protect its books from the elements (i.e. must be dry), should automatically close (without pinching fingers), and be accessible to users in all elements (i.e. not freeze shut). We are planning for a late Summer 2018 installation. Submitted proposal designs should include sizes, materials, look, photographs/graphic images, etc.

The winning artist/designer/team will receive $8,000 (approximately, $5,000 for design and fabrication; $2,000 for installation, and $1,000 for 5 years of maintenance). This amount is non-negotiable, and will not allow for any change-orders. Proposals should include a time table for design, fabrication, installation and maintenance. The winning design individual/team will be paid 50% upon signing of a letter of agreement, and 50% thirty (30) days after successful installation.

Please note that a smooth, communicative, team-oriented process is just as important to us as a fun, unique, STEM-oriented little free library that will be enjoyed by our visitors and community. Therefore, we will meet with artists whose designs interest us, prior to selecting a finalist. Science Central will submit press releases throughout the various stages of this project, so the artist and the creation-process should be available for publicity photos, interviews, etc. After installation, there will be an opening/ribbon-cutting event that the winning artist(s) will hopefully attend.

Science Central will be the sole owner of the final product and associated components. While the chosen artist will have permission from Science Central to use their design for their personal/professional portfolio, and may reproduce the final product as they wish in the future, for free, at their own expense, all ownership of the copyright, design components and the artwork will be by Science Central, and therefore there will not be any fees or costs borne by Science Central to the artist for any future use by Science Central (future designs, reproductions, photographs, marketing materials, gift shop merchandise, media appearances, etc.) in perpetuity.


We have scheduled an informational session at Science Central Monday 5/14/18 at 4 pm to meet with interested artists and try to answer any questions. Final designs and maintenance plans must be submitted to Science Central’s Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No phone calls or visits, please. We will contact you, should we have any questions, need additional materials, or decide to invite you to make a presentation. All proposed designs must be received by June 15, 2018 at 8 am.