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IVCs Demonstrations 



Interactive Video Conference (IVC) Demonstrations

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IVCs Demonstrations 

What’s the Buzz? – Grades K-1

What foods require bees? What is the difference between types of bees in the hive? How do bees communicate? Students will help our educators sort food, collect pollen, and do the waggle dance as they learn about the characteristics of bees and what they need to survive.

What’s the Matter? – Grades K-2

Liquid nitrogen is always a smash hit, and this demonstration highlights the physical properties of matter with lots of shockingly cool phenomena! Emphasis on making observations and using those observations to classify materials as solid, liquid, or gas as well as energy changes associated with changes of state.

Star Light, Star Bright – Grades 1-2

How can patterns of the sun, moon, and stars be used to tell time? Why can’t stars be seen during the day? These questions and more will be answered through modeling using our Science on a Sphere as we explore stars near and far.

Tree Homes – Grades 1-3

Who calls a tree their home? Explore habitats and animal anatomy as we examine some of the animals who call Indiana’s trees home and how those organisms make a community.

Good Vibrations – Grades 1 and 4

Sound has never been this exciting! Students will vibrate with excitement as we use our five senses, vacuum jars, and lasers to delve deeper into the movement of sound. Visualizing sound as energy that can move from place to place will also be demonstrated.

Wild Weather – Grades 2-3

What is needed for clouds to form? What type of damage can the winds of a tornado cause? How can communities prepare for severe weather? These questions and more will be answered as we explore Indiana’s wild weather.

Telemetry – Grades 2-4

How do biologists track animals as they travel? Why do animals migrate? What adaptations help them make these journeys? Explore the world of animals that move.

Rethinking Resources – Grades 4 and 6

Utilizing a variety of models, multiple forms of renewable resources will be demonstrated. Hydrogen fuel cells, wind turbines, coal, and gasoline will highlight a tour of energy past, present, and future as we learn that no energy is free.

Amazing Air Pressure – Grade 5

It’s all around us, always felt, but rarely seen. Explore volume and pressure as well as the way air moves in this uplifting demonstration!

Science of a Changing World – Grades 5-6

Climate change, it’s a term thrown around constantly by the media and scientific community. What does it really mean, and how is it happening? Students will discuss evidence and solutions to this global crisis.

Solar System – Grades 5-6

What are the components of our solar system? How are planets similar and different? Journey through the solar system without leaving your seat.

Clarifying Kidneys – Grade 7

What exactly is it that kidneys do? Why are they important? How does what you eat affect the way they work? All these questions and more are answered in this demonstration which will have students thinking about food in different ways.





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