Donation Guidelines

Review these guidelines before making your request:

  • Events for tax-exempt nonprofit organizations.
  • Fundraisers for schools who are registered and officially recognized by the states of Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan.
  • Cash donations
  • Donations to individuals or families for events or fundraisers.
  • Donations to sports teams for travel and equipment fundraisers.
  • Donations to organizations outside of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, or Kentucky.

Donation Process

1. Read the Donation Guidelines.

2. If your request fits within our guidelines, complete the online Charitable Request Form.

3. If approved, your charitable request will be processed through email and will include something you can physically print out and use for your event.

Science Central is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We, too, are dependent on fundraising for the support of our organization and hold annual fundraiser events with silent auctions. What can you provide for our events? Can you help sponsor us? If so, please note it when making your request.