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Birthday Parties

Throw a party at Science Central! Party packages include:

  • Admission for all guests
  • Private party space for 3 hours
  • Liquid nitrogen ice cream for dessert!

Party Packages

 Package APackage BPackage C
All Day Admission for        Guests (All Children & Adults) *152030
Price for Non-Members, Entry Members, & MAP Members$280$330$450
Price for Deluxe Members$270$320$425
Private party space (3 hours)YesYesYes
Liquid nitrogen ice creamYesYesYes
3-D Printed keychain for birthday party childYesYesYes
  • Package price is for up to a  total number of guests age 3 and up.  Additional attendees will be charged regular admission, and are not guaranteed party activity supplies such as ice cream.

Party Enhancements

Make your party experience even more memorable with one or more of the add-ons below!

Hands-on Science Activity

$ 45
Will occur during your time in the party space.
  • Bubbles - Explore the world of suds while having a splashing good time!
  • Catapults - Perfect your skills and take aim as you build your own catapult
  • Hovercrafts - Take a ride on Science Central's hovercraft and then make your own to take home!
  • Rockets - Construct a reusable mini-rocket and blast off before the party ends!
  • Slime - Learn about polymers and make ooey-gooey slime!
  • Volcanoes - Create a miniature volcano and watch it erupt!

Take-Home Science Activities

$ 60
Will go home with you and your guests.
  • Garden in a glove
  • Grow your own crystals
  • Make your own catapults
  • Pocket solar system and solar system bracelets

Private Demonstration

$ 35
Will occur during your time at Science Central.
  • Select an option below for details
"Everyone at Science Central was so kind and accommodating and the Educator did such a great job with the kids during the science experiment and liquid nitrogen ice cream session. So much fun!"
"I have been getting texts from parents saying their kid won't stop talking about it. I think it's a safe bet to say we will be back next year for birthdays!"

Policies and Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

You must purchase online at least 14 days prior. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis, and some dates may not be available at Science Central’s discretion. Email confirmations are sent after purchasing a package.

Party registration is only available online.

The deadline to receive a refund is 14 days prior to the event. No additions, subtractions, or refunds can be made after that date. A full refund will be issued if the party is cancelled at least 14 days prior to the event. To cancel your party less than 14 days before the party date or for questions, contact the Special Programs Manager at 260-424-2400 ext. 427.

If there is room, Science Central will attempt to accommodate additional unexpected guests on the day of a party. Regular, full-price admission for these guests will need to be covered by either the guest or by the person who booked the party. The unexpected guests will only receive liquid nitrogen ice cream if supplies allow. If an add-on is purchased, the additional unexpected guests may be allowed to view any private demonstration if spacing allows, but will not be able to participate if any extra activity was purchased due to limited supplies.

Party guests will check in at the admissions desk. They will receive a wristband that identifies them as party guests to Science Central staff. Depending on the party size, this process could take several minutes if all guests arrive at once. We recommend arriving early to check in. Parties are exactly three hours long. If you do not arrive early and your party starts late, we cannot reschedule or extend your time in the party room.

Science Central is not able to accommodate food allergies or special dietary needs. If you have concerns about the potential for complications during an event, plan to accommodate your own needs.

Science Central Deluxe Members get a discount on party packages.

Science Central and the media frequently take photos/videos of visitors which may be used for future Science Central promotions or publicity. These photos may be used without your consent and without compensation. If you do not want your image used, please avoid photographers and inform them of your desire. As a visitor, you are welcome to take photos for non-commercial use at Science Central.

All programs are subject to change at Science Central’s discretion.

Birthday Party Package size is limited to the number of persons (adults & children) in the package purchased. All additional guests will owe regular, full-price admission.

Contact the Special Programs Manager at 260-424-2400 ext. 427.

Yes, you may bring food for your party guests to eat during your three hours in the private party space. If you want to eat before or after your three hours, Science Central has a public eating area that is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

You have the room for three hours and can start decorating it at the time your rental begins. If you would like to decorate the room, Science Central recommends that you spend the first 15-30 minutes of your room rental decorating while your guests are exploring the exhibit floor. Then, call everyone to the room and start the party.

Yes, feel free to bring presents for the individual who is celebrating a birthday. Gifts may be opened at any time during your three hours in the party space.

If there is excessive gift waste, such as large boxes, please be courteous and dispose of those items off-site, rather than at Science Central.

Yes. You may bring in any decorations and refreshments that you would like. If you would like to bring in your own refreshments, supply your own paper products, such as plates, cups, and napkins. Science Central will provide cups and spoons to accompany the liquid nitrogen ice cream that you will receive with your party. You are responsible for throwing away paper products, decorations, scrap food, and tidying up the room at the end of your party.

No. Piñatas and party poppers are not allowed.

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