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Meet Our Team

Science Central Staff

Matt Woodburn
Philanthropy Manager
Ella Jantzen
Revenue Programs Manager
Donna Norris
Accounting Specialist
Suzi Rhee
Grants Manager
Colton Mishler
Visitor Services and Volunteer Manager
Martin Fisher
Executive Director
Chris Harris
Visitor Services Director
Megan Price
Development Director
Shanna Gingerich
Education Director
Ren Conte
Education Programs Registration Manager
Gary Stoops
Outreach Programs Manager
Allison Wright
Education Presentation Manager
Jaclyn Nuzum
Grants Manager
Aaron Gregory
Exhibits & Facilities Director
Kelly Keuneke-Marts
Facilities Manager
Dmitry Billingsley
Exhibits Manager
Diana Brownlee
Housekeeping Manager
Marc Bailey
Human Resource Coordinator
Sarah Vise
Education Programs and Technology Manager
Arynn Kreitzer-Larson
Gift Shop Manager
Jim Parry
Membership Manager
Steve Clark
Marketing Manager

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