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Three Rivers Festival 23rd Annual Egg Drop

No yolk! This event at Science Central is going to be an eggs-travaganza! We'll be debating which came first, the chicken or the egg, as we celebrate a variety of activities dedicated to both!

Join in the festivities for the 2022 Design Collaborative Egg Drop Competition. Eggs will fly from the roof of Science Central to the ground below in contraptions specially designed to protect the eggs. It's anything goes, as contestants prepare flying machines ranging from melons loaded with eggs, to skydiving chutes, to giant pinwheels.


Event Details

Where: Science Central, 1950 N. Clinton Street, Fort Wayne, IN
Date: Sunday, July 10
Time: Registration starts at 12:30, dropping begins at 1:00
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Ages: All ages welcome
Cost to Watch: Free
Pre-registration: May 25 – July 9. There is no fee to register.


Prizes: Age group awards will be given for successful drops; awards will be given for:
• Most creative device.
• Most scientific device.
• Most devastating crash.
• Most devastating crash to survive!


Official Egg Drop Rules - SEE HERE


Presented by Design Collaborative and Science Central

Chicken Dance