September 23 - January 8, 2024


Engineering, Art

Build It!

This exhibition features large, lightweight blocks that come in a variety of shapes – bricks, cylinders, chutes, channels, and more. Build It! offers visitors the chance to make structures, create environments, engage in pretend play, invent games, and more.

This exhibition is an open-ended experience, but does feature building prompts to get visitors’ creative juices flowing. With blocks that are easy to stack, line up, and move around, Build It! is suitable for ages 3 to adult.

Additionally, the exhibition features a section with blocks shaped like dinosaur bones, inviting visitors to make their very own prehistoric creatures.

Build It! was conceived and designed by award-winning architect David Rockwell, who was inspired by watching his own children play. His firm has been internationally recognized for its broad array of projects, from restaurants to stage sets, hotels to historic restorations, and art programming to interactive design.

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