Tentative Dates

Jan 21 - May 28, 2023

Leonardo da Vinci: Tactile Exhibit

This exhibition explores the creative mind of Leonardo da Vinci, the famous artist, architect, and mathematician of the Italian High Renaissance.

Developed by Tactile Images, in partnership with National Federation of the Blind and Getty Images, this exhibition was created in tactile form to serve blind, disabled, and sighted visitors. It features a lineup of 10 images, presented in both tactile and 2D form. The 2D images are framed and matted prints; the tactile images are comprised of textures that enable blind or visually disabled visitors to acquire visual information independently. Each tactile image is accompanied by braille and an audio narrative that is activated by touch.

This exhibition focuses purely on Leonardo’s engineering drawings and innovations. It closely examines his critical eye and inventive nature. Showing a variety of his designs, from construction devices and war machines to flying apparatuses, this exhibition allows visitors to intimately experience his depth of creativity and engineering expertise.