STEM Camps

Winter Break
STEM Camps

Join us for fun, educational STEM camps over Winter Break.

Camp Descriptions

December session:

Join us as we examine the intersection of art and science. Subjects for the week include:

  • Dec. 26: Dive into the science of design, creating with 3D printers.
  • Dec. 27: Explore the science behind visual art, learning about light and color.
  • Dec. 28: Discover how the human body moves and receives energy.
  • Dec. 29: Learn about the science of sound by making and jamming out on instruments.

January session:

Come along as we explore a variety of science types. Subjects for the week include:

  • Jan. 2: Campers will whirl up a hurricane and simulate an earthquake as they learn about the wild side of meteorology.
  • Jan. 3: Learn about Earth’s stellar neighbors, from the moon to Mars, during this deep dive into astronomy.
  • Jan. 4: Engineer houses for the three little pigs as part of a day dedicated to storybook science.
  • Jan. 5: Mix up colorful, slimy chemical concoctions and step into the mind of a mad scientist.

Camp Details

Ages: 5-11


  • Dec. 26-29
  • Jan. 2-5

Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Registration Closes: Week before camp start date

Cost: $192 per camp

Note: Campers must sign the Camper Behavior Contract during the registration process.

Policies and Procedures

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STEM Camps

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